barratatouille-BatmanFan of Comic book for a long time, I could not miss out on the achievement of a super hero! But which one? More to the universe of Marvel characters (like Silver Surfer, Galactus, Fantastic 4, Magneto and of course all Spiderman bad guys) than DC, I opt for a DC comics character.

It will be Batman … classic you will say and you are right. And yet, I prefer the bad guys, the realization of a Joker would have seemed more just. But I do not say my last word on it.

I really do not like things smooth. I need a Batman not very clean. This character has been realized several times in its modern version (black suit) with very beautiful achievements. Again, I speak from a Munny of Kidrobot.

I decide to make the 1966 Batman made famous in the guise of Adam West (purple and gray suit). But I said, not very clean. So my Batman will bite into the crate and after a memorable bake, he will vomit on it. I make fake dollars scattered ashore and would wink at Jack Daniels (in a bottle like old school adulterated alcohol) …

This old Bruce can not stand No. 7. And here’s another Batman.

Written by phil