In full creation of figurines … the Hot Rod returns to my ears. In the 90’s, a friend of mine, Thierry, who wanted to make a tee-shirt after one of his works shows me his drawings of dingo on the Rod. But I do not hit right now.

Year 2000, madness takes me … the Kustom Kulture goes straight to the Heart. Big flashback. I decide to make a figure of a Hot Rod. I’ve never done Dunny of Kidrobot, it’s a chance. I take old models Revell and Heller that train, I buy some also.

The base is a Playmobil kart or I graft pieces of these models. The result is interesting but not enough to my taste. Finally this first test of Hot Rod will give me an idea for later … but most importantly: the fever of the Kustom Kulture will not leave me any more.

Written by phil