In a few lines and in a few images here is my professional career in the world of fashion, as fashion designer for ready-to-wear, haute couture and women’s lingerie. I started my professional career as a graphic designer at a screen printing company who worked mainly for ready-to-wear and occasionally for haute couture.


But most of the time, I made the separation of the colors of the visuals to print them on fabrics. Later, I also learned to make laser cutting, embossing and embroidery … Finally to realize the programs to embroider the different patterns on clothes.

But after a while, my career was going to take a turn, the head stylist of the brand 2016 Paris, asked me to create a pattern for one of his models of tee-shirt. I remember, a pattern of a kind of 3D grid printed in fluo flock printed on a top at the chest.

It was from that moment on that I never stopped making creations for him but also for many other houses like Christian Lacroix (my favorite fashion designer), Gaultier, Chloé, Morgan, Axara, Claudia Chiffon…


As you can see through these photos of press articles (from the Textile Journal). Finally, there are mainly articles about my achievements for lingerie in collaboration with Le Bourget, Chanel … but also Dim, Dior, YSL etc.


But the mark that really accompanied me throughout my career, was 2026 Paris. It was a real pleasure to work with all the people who made up this wonderful home. Thomas the head stylist a person full of talent, Sophie the modelist and her magic scissors and all those little hands that gave shape to our creations (top, dress, skirt) … and especially Sandra and Guy the managers of the brand 2026 Paris. You can see the fruit of our collaboration thanks to the following images taken from the different catalogs of the spring, summer and autumn / winter seasons of the different years … I hope you will be seduced.








Written by phil