Lili Rose

Idid not get discouraged, and I wanted to move on to another figure, because the envy was really there. For my first realization, I had loved this side DIY, between painting, DIY and sewing;). So I wanted to realize there again the same style of figurine, a character coated with a fur. With, of course, a Munny of the Kidrobot brand!

I pushed a little further the difficulty especially in the costume. I had fun making teeth and felt fins, grafted imposing transparent buttons to make large globular eyes … all on a green fur with long hair. This costume is subsequently glued on the Munny skin-painted bomb. I had fun to give him a little manga side with the two little pink points a little fluo on both cheeks.


And always a little head cut in sign of trophy:) … this time, it is the great schtroumpf that passes there! For the rest, the character is placed on a pedestal with a “marsh” effect thanks to a synthetic fake herb with flowers (simple buttons) and a small “magic” mushroom in Fimo paste surmounted there again a fancy button.

The knife is made with a silver-colored plastic plate with some traces of blood on the blade. Personally, I think that this universe of green works perfectly with a few spikes of red … its complementary color. Why did I turn to the illustration that represented the swamp creature? Because I am very fan of Z-series and as you can see on the first visual, also make a wink to Hannibal Smith of the Agency all risks. And this illustration was also part of the visuals of my lollipops.

I hope that like me, you will find the result nice. Because of all the visuals of this series, it is my favorite!

Written by phil