A pin-up, I take the bet. Of course, he’s right, creating my own pin-up figurine would be ideal for me, if I want to touch through this world that fascinates me so much. I start again in the creation of a figurine. I have to find inspiration … but where? After some research, I take the reference in matters of pin-up: Bettie Page because I want to do a classic pin up at first. And not a pin up tattooed from head to toe as we see right now even though I like a model likebarratatouille-BETTIE-PAGE Sabina Kelley.

And then, I come across Heidi Van Horne via Facebook it seems … direct, I flash on … because it is exactly the pin-up that I was looking for. An American pin-up of very well-known beauty across the Atlantic and which has several magazine covers on kustom kulture. She has a lot in common with Bettie. I quickly realize a matrix from photos that I find on the net. I take care to make a haircut that will allow me to add additions to create different hairstyles! For the body of the figurine, I facilitate myself the task, it will be the body of Ginger. Like this, I resume the idea of customizing the dress!barratatouille-HEIDI-VAN-HORNE

And this allows me not to make a new mold of 8.5 pounds at the moment. The head is rather easy to make … I create the silicone mold in the stride … the result is positive! … Super, I can graft the head on the body of Ginger … Perfect everything rolls. I add the arms, more of the milliput for the hair and create a very 60’s cup … The trick is :) The code name will be Maya.

You can see the result with a nod to Heidi Van Horne who has camped the role of one of the characters of kustom kulture, a woman “devil” (Made famous by the artist that I adore enormously: Coop) With tail and devil horns at the AC / DC :) and another nod to a rock band that I love: Nashville Pussy with a reminder of one of their latest albums Up the Dosage or is represented A flash on a camouflage pattern. I realize once again a cardboard box with the same process and here is the result …



Written by phil