barratatouille-Ginger-HermesI wanted to make more and more of them, ideas came to me faster and faster. Again, I appeal to the things that speak to me … that I love. This time, I wanted to represent New York. For me, this city does not only represent gigantism, excess, but a beautiful black woman with a 70s cut. For me, New York is Harlem, jazz, blues, gospel … and this woman.

Personally, the design of this figurine was very easy, I already had this image engraved in me. Through my readings, these films seen … I also wanted to give her this year 70 that I could amplify thanks to the dress she wears that I had seen in “The Brain” Film Gérard Oury with Jean Paul Belmondo, David Niven, Eli Wallach and of course Bourvil. For its design, I take the smaller of the Munny which measures 2.5 inch.

This is the first time I use this format to make a miniature. For the hair, I take a ball of polystyrene that I dig and I paint in black, I am amused to create white boots with IRO tube of electrician to give it a nice look With my cutting plotter, I create Stylized laces.

But I do not forget an essential accessory: big round earrings … I make a very light makeup over the eyes and I do not forget to do freckles to him again once on the Cheeks (I think these freckles will become my trademark as my characters are essentially feminine).

Now, the Hermès bags to make a little wink to Paris why? why not :). As usual, I put the figurine on a small wooden base that I cover with a white Canson paper. Once finished, I knew that the story of this figure will not stop there!

Written by phil