barratatouille-Ginger-FrankensteinAkustom kulture obsessed me more and more, in addition to watching my books of the publishing house Korero which deals with the subject as well as several magazines like Kustom. I become “crazy” because I really want to invest in this universe. An idea passes my mind! Quite simply, turn Ginger into a Bride (not Chucky 😉 but Frankenstein. The famous American film of James Whale released in 1935 with the emblematic Boris Karloff in Frankenstein and the wonderful Elsa Lanchester in the role of the Bride.

I find the idea funny and I start … I make a new draw, I exchange the brown of Ginger’s skin for a green and a nice blue for eyelids but still a bright red for his lips and small freckles. Her dress becomes a white bandage which also covers a large part of her arms.

I am amused to make two scars, one at the level of the neck and the other on the left shoulder. For the base, I add to the base of the plaster to simulate an irregular and muddy earth of a cemetery (to reinforce this effect, I pull a tombstone I cut in a plastic model element of the mark Revell).

To give an air even more glowering, I decide to make an arm that comes out of the ground, which I retrieve from another model. The whole is treated in gray because I want the result to be still very graphic. The glossy side of the paint reinforces the muddy side. I purposely dirty his boots by throwing a little paint at the same time. A final retouch in his hair with his emblematic white wick on each side, and the trick is played. Again, I personalize the box, with the same procedure as the Ginger “Al Caine”. The result is really cool. I’m on track :)

Written by phil