barratatouille-Rat-FinkOn more time, I have an idea that goes through my head: what if I paid a tribute to RAT FINK? coool. Especially that it trotting me in my head for quite a while! Go go, I go as thoroughly as the Rat Fink on his bike;) I need a base, but which one? It comes to me an idea … I love Kid Paddle and of course the “blorks” that I collect with fiercely, which allowed me to constitute a small army of these lovely critters :)

So I will leave this base for my Fink Rat. A mix with Frankenstein of blork and RF … the result is going to be rock n ‘roll. Ok, I’m taking the base of the blork, I just graft it with ears, a muzzle, and a rat tail. For the rest, I keep the base legs of the figurine. For the arms, I take those of a Kidrobot Bub, to give it an urban side.

I also point out my little nod to Heidi Van Horne with this badge “I LOVE HEIDI” on the front of the figure (which I can customize to extreme) … I find the composition terrible and really funny! For the little history, I have a “blork” in my rearview mirror. Finally, if I have to put the figure of my RF on my rearview mirror, it will have to be light … so make it hollow ! For if it is full, it will explode my windscreen!

Here I am left to think to find the solution! It did not take me long to come to the conclusion of building a rotomoulding machine on my own! Ok, go for a tour, look for plans etc. I find a video tutorial that explains the process. Go hop, I buy the material to do it. A few weekends later, she is ready! The first attempts were more than chaotic. But after a few adjustments and adjustments, she delivered all her promises.

With this fucking machine, I realized the perfect figure the first time. Unbelievable; Not an air bubble, a perfectly clean result! Then, I added the arms, the legs and the tail (for these elements, I made a separate silicone mold for ease of assembly).

Again, I think I’ll have fun painting side especially in the outfit of MY RAT Fink :) Now you judge!

Written by phil