Ialso wanted to share with you a second experience that marked me a lot in my career. This is my job in the world of chocolate. I was lucky to work in a company that made decorations for this support a little unusual. I was in charge of creating and imagining the motifs and illustrations on the different sets for their Easter and Christmas catalogs.

But also to create and create the visuals for pastry chefs / chocolatiers such as Christophe Michalak, Christophe Adam (old pastry chef to Fauchon), Pierre Hermé for the most famous … to transcribe their inspirations. You can see here as for the fashion, my different creations (few) in this universe very particular and magic at the same time. (Some of these visuals were published in the Journal du Pâtissier).

SAC DOS 05/08/ 1847

SAC DOS 05/08/ 938

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