Afew years ago now … Everything started from this little sketch … I had to make visuals for chocolate lollipops for the Easter holidays … When I worked as a graphic designer / illustrator in a company that realized Decorations in chocolate. (You can also find the photo of these lollipops in chocolate section.).

In general, I start from a pencil that I realize on paper and then I scan to redraw it in Illustrator d’Adobe or in this case, I start from a “vectorized skeleton” that I make in Illustrator d’Adobe that I print on A4 paper to draw and draw my drawings in paper pencil.

So I had fun making small characters who are dressed in animal costumes and monsters. After seeing the result on the chocolate pacifiers. I do not know why, but I had the idea to realize them in volume like that for fun!

At first, I decided to make the little rabbit which seemed to me easier to achieve. For this I needed a base, but which one? I do not remember how I came across the Munny …


All I know is that I fell in love with this little character of the brand Kidrobot with whom I make my figurines since the beginning of this adventure.

With a little hardware (a few buttons, Fimo paste, fur, sewing thread) and a lot of trick, I got to this result!

A rabbit bunny rabbit cretin :) because yes … it is indeed a small female character … With pretty freckles.

Again, I do not know why, I wanted to share the work that I had just realized … but to whom? I naturally turned to sites and blogs specialized in the toy.

Written by phil