I go in another direction (to take a short break) Side of the country of the rising sun … Lovers of Japan always, I could not not realize a figurine style manga! Same procedure as for Maya realize a face then the “graft” on the body of Ginger! I take the typical codes of the manga to realize it. Hair on the side and two “balls” on the top of the head. Simple but super efficient.


Again, I am pleased with the result. Same story, Head + Body + Arms … the recipe is good there again … But I want to go longer. I take “everything” that falls under my hand but as even with a guideline.

I want a warrior at the She Spawn (For the record, Spawn is a comic book of fiction about the eponymous character created by Todd McFarlane. It was launched by the publisher Image Comics in May 1992 in the United States … A comic that I adore … the figurines also for that matter).

I add elements like a shoulder pad + protections on the body, front and back as well as on the legs. A shield of the most beautiful effect on the left forearm (And a fully cybernetic arm for the right). Here Azia was born … but I dry for the color for the moment, it is white ready to take life. So if you have any painting ideas :)Barratatouille-Azia_03


Written by phil