A day, I get a message from Al Sugar Cayne, a New York BMX champion (and who also carries a show in a car with guests to ask questions about their news) … New York, coooool!

He tells me he likes my Ginger figurine, coooool :) the contact goes well. Al Sugar hosts a blog on the BMX, Hip Hop, toy, fashion in New York plus his Bike Fest … he makes an article about Ginger on his blog. For the pleasure, I realize a small « Ginger » in his effigy. And then there comes to me an idea. I decide to go to the top speed, is to create my own figurine!

I start with my figure Ginger that I had already created (in small format). But I want to sublimate it, make it a true icon! I leave as usual the recovery equipment … part of the arms, one leg, a piece of polystyrene, all padded with Milliput, I embrace the same technique as the first time. I want it to be large and thin with a very graphic result … I opt for a size of 30 cm.

The result is up to my expectations. As, I want to achieve several, I engage in the manufacture of a silicone mold. On arrival, it will be between 8 and 9 kilos + a second mold for the arms. I buy a resin with two components, I make a first impression … the result is bluffing, I have THE figurine: MY creation …

An African-American bomb of all beauty. I hurry to paint … I choose precisely. My basic colors will be brown, black, white and a red lipstick (heart-shaped) and a slightly darker color to do red tasks under the eyes (this famous brand) because I find it terribly sexy. I add a pair of earrings that I choose from Drug Store. The top is that I can also customize his tee shirt. For Al, I make him the color of his Blog www.sugarcayne.com

With an Ikea carton, I create the packaging of the box to configure it. With my good old A4 plotter, I cut the drawing I made from a picture taken of the figurine. I take a glossy black adhesive for the cut. The contrast with the carpet of the cardboard box gives a very good effect. I also have to create a signature and a small pictologo.

I do not know why, I choose a pig, maybe a nod to the music and songs of « Garçons Bouchers » a french punk group, I listened a lot and the black tee-shirt that I had with Many Hair Pig . I found in an old book Picto Corel, a pig with garlic that succeeded me right away. I just added a helmet to personalize it a bit, and the trick was played …



Written by phil